2021 Music Video #1 Skinner

Thursday January 27th 2022

We shot a few music videos at K-FEST 2021 to share with you. First up we caught Skinner during sound-check performing The Slump @ The BarN in Killorglin. Skinner is a DIY slouch rock musician based in Dublin who writes, records and produces songs about growing up and overcoming a dirt-flecked 21st century existence.

The DNA of no wave and post-punk acts like The B52s, James Chance and the Contortions and ESG through to alt-rock touchstones Pixies and Morphine combined with an talent for grunge-nodding self-production and pockets of elevated instrumentation is oozing from Skinner’s music.

Check out his Bandcamp here: https://skinner97.bandcamp.com/