Can you figure out the real story in this audience participation event?

Tuesday May 23rd 2023

Told across platforms exploring the complexities of youth, school, and nostalgia. Memories come rushing back in this experience that invites you to become an active participant. School Safety Patrol Officer Maximus C. Filmore leads us on a scavenger hunt, unlocking and uncovering forgotten memories as you re-visit a past that may never have existed. What is the real story? You can investigate at the exhibition and come together to decide at the live gig. Filmore! is a 2-part experience, with groups of 12 experiencing the event in 45 minute slots which are as follows. Saturday June 3rd: 1pm entry, 2.15pm entry, 3.30pm entry, 5.30pm entry, 6.45 pm entry, 8.00 pm entry. Sunday June 4th: 12pm entry, 1.15pm entry, 2.30pm entry, 4.30pm entry, 5.45pm entry, 7.00pm entry. The second part of this event concludes at a live gig in Kingstons beer garden at 9pm on Sunday June 4th where you can find out more about the life of Filmore!

Tickets are only a little over €5 and can be got here: