The Journey of Peggy’s Angels of Hope: A Memorable Community Art Project at K-FEST 2023

Friday June 16th 2023

In May 2023, we announced the launch of “Peggy’s Angels of Hope”, a distinctive art project that featured ten striking 8ft angel sculptures. These sculptures were brought to life by the creative efforts of local community organisations and businesses, thanks to the inspiration of Nollaig Fahy. Named in memory of his mother, Peggy Kelliher, these angels symbolised the community spirit and resilience that Peggy cherished throughout her life​.

The local organisations that participated in the project included St Marys of the Angels, Killorglin Community College, Intermediate School Killorglin, Scoil Mhuire Killorglin, St Joseph’s Home, Fexco, Astellas, Family Resource Centre, and K-FEST itself​.

It brings us great pleasure to share that the project was a tremendous success. The angel sculptures were displayed throughout the town during K-FEST 2023, serving as vibrant visual landmarks that epitomised community spirit and the power of collective creativity.

Each unique sculpture became a focal point for conversations, shared stories, and artistic appreciation. The diversity of the participating organisations, spanning schools to businesses, contributed to the richness and variety of the artwork.

Perhaps one of the most heartening outcomes of this project was the camaraderie and friendships forged between the artists as they worked together to create their angels. Sharing paintbrushes and stories, the artists found common ground and built bonds that extended beyond the project, reflecting the true spirit of our community.

Encouraged by the success of Peggy’s Angels of Hope, we’re excited to announce that we plan to introduce more community-based art projects in future K-FEST events. We are already brainstorming for K-FEST 2024, and we eagerly look forward to involving more local organisations and community groups. These projects will provide a platform for the community to express their creativity, come together, and further enrich the vibrant cultural landscape of Killorglin.

We are extremely grateful to all the local organisations, artists, and community members who participated in and supported the Peggy’s Angels of Hope project. The success of this project has underscored our belief in community art as a vehicle for fostering unity, celebrating local culture, and promoting shared experiences and friendships.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on future community art projects. We can’t wait to see what the next K-FEST will bring, and we are excited to share these community experiences with all of you.

We’ll see you at K-FEST 2024!