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Craft Submission Terms & Conditions


K-FEST invites crafters of all disciplines to submit their work by Friday, September 10th for inclusion in the 2021 K-FEST indoor craft fair Saturday and Sunday of the festival (October 23rd – 24th). There is no fee to apply. K-FEST has a particularly strong interest in Kerry crafters.

Accepted crafters will receive the following:

  • Indoor space (max. 8ft) to display their craftworks during K-FEST
  • Promotion via K-FEST’s online platforms
  • Evening meals Saturday and Sunday evenings during K-FEST with other artists

All Crafters Must Agree To The Following To Be Considered For The Festival.

  • Each accepted submission will be granted an 8ft indoor pitch in a central Killorglin location, the layout to be determined by K-FEST. You will be given the location with an acceptance email.
  • ALL crafters must arrive before 11am to register and stall set-up at the location on Saturday morning 23rd October.
  • All accepted crafters must be present for the duration of the craft fair (Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd & 24th)

Once registered, you will receive the official K-FEST Artist Wristband (you use this for your dinner).

  • Crafters are allocated an indoor space of max. 8ft to display their accepted craftworks during K-FEST, the layout of which is determined by the festival committee.
  • Crafters are responsible for sourcing their own tables.
  • Crafters are responsible for transport of their own work to and from the festival.
  • Each crafter is responsible for the set-up of their own stall and work.
  • K-FEST is not responsible for the damage to any works during the festival.
  • All crafters are responsible for the insuring of their own works, if necessary.
  • Due to our insurance policy, all work must be installed each morning and uninstalled 30 minutes before the gallery closes.
  • K-FEST does not charge a submission/acceptance fee or commission on any works sold. Crafters keep 100% of sales on their work. If you would like to make a donation let one of our volunteers know during the festival.

Proposed Work.

K-FEST organisers reserve the right to photograph works and to use elements of accepted entries for exhibition for publicity purposes unless the artist expressly states the contrary in writing. Copyright of all work is the property of the artist. Work is accepted for exhibition and sale based on merit.

All accepted crafters should be present in your respective space for the duration of Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Since buyers and collectors who come to our events prefer to meet the artist or at least talk to someone who knows about their work, we have found that artists who engage with our visitors are generally more likely to make sales.

Accepted crafters.

Due to the large volume of submissions, it is logistically impossible to accept all work. Any crafter who is not accepted through the submission’s application process will not be permitted to exhibit and sell at the festival this year.

K-FEST is not a funding body and is a not-for-profit organisation, which raises its income from fundraising and sponsorship, along with public sector grants, run by committed volunteers. We accept that through the submission not all applicants will be accepted, but this is the nature of the process. We always encourage and strive to work with people, but we are not perfect and are unpaid volunteers doing community service, so we ask you to respect our work and vision.

These are trying times and we would ask for everyone to be patient and respect others in the space, be it K-FEST volunteers or other crafters.

For any questions, contact

October Bank Holiday (22nd - 25th October 2021), Killorglin Co. Kerry

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