Ezra Williams

Over 18s only
Sunday June 2nd 2024
Start Time: 22:00
Duration: 45minutes Approx
> Indie
About Ezra Williams
Ezra Williams is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Their musical influences their tender, self-examining indie recalls the likes of Fiona Apple, Soccer Mommy and Indigo De Souza.
Their impressive career progression has been very organic, with thousands of global listeners and over 80 million Spotify streams to date. Their single ‘My Own Person’ featured in a high profile sync in the Netflix drama Heartstopper creating a viral moment around the track. Their songs are catchy but subtle; self-deprecating but never sombre; always utterly charming. They offer an often overlooked take on emotional relationships, as Ezra is writing as a person who is gender non-binary and on the autism spectrum.

Their live performances have previously included Glastonbury, Beyond The Pale Festival, The Great Escape, Rough Trade West and Iceland Airwaves.
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