Molly Vulpyne

Over 18s only
Sunday June 2nd 2024
Start Time: 23:00
Duration: 45minutes Approx
> Alternative
About Molly Vulpyne
Introducing Molly Vulpyne, a force to be reckoned with in the punk rock scene, better known as the guitarist and vocalist of the electrifying duo, Vulpynes. With a string of successful collaborations, including recent ventures with punk luminary Meryl Streek, Molly is now stepping out with her debut solo project. Tired of being confined to the label of the “”angry shouty girl,”” Molly’s solo journey unveils a new dimension of her artistry. Her inaugural EP, ‘Amortise,’ showcases a departure from raw power in favor of a more nuanced approach, placing emphasis on melody while retaining her signature intensity. Bringing her solo material to life on stage, Molly is joined by an ensemble of seasoned musicians, including Peter Jones from Paranoid Visions, Jay Bagnall from the Steve Ignorant Live Band, and Tony Carberry from Lee Harveys. Together, they deliver a live experience filled with infectious hooks and captivating melodies that are sure to leave audiences craving more.
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