Ruining The Act

Sunday June 5th 2022
Start Time: 15:00
Duration: 30 minutes Approx
> Dance
About Ruining The Act

Ruining the act explores the ideas of; Survival brain versus the learning brain, suppressed memories and the cathartic relationship between ecstasy and anxiety. Like the fine line chemical juxtaposition of an orgasm and a panic attack, a recognisable build in the body with shockingly different results. How do reflexes affect the dancing body, what is the potential dissonance, and can we still smile and put on a show.

Sibeál Davitt, Millie Daniel Dempsey, Rosie Mullin & Emily Kilkenny Roddy

Choreography Emily Kilkenny Roddy

Videographer Michael Behan “
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June Bank Holiday 2023, Killorglin Co. Kerry


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