Sustainability in Art : IKC3 Discussion

Saturday June 1st 2024
Start Time: 17:00
Duration: 1hour Approx
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About Sustainability in Art : IKC3 Discussion
K-FEST Arts Festival is delighted to announce the “”Sustainability within Art Practices and Creative Projects”” discussion. This event is sponsored by IKC3 and MTU and will take place in ZEST Cafe (star on map) at 5pm on Saturday 1st June. The conversation will be orchestrated by David Williamson of IKC3 and MTU and will include a wide-ranging panel of speakers from Kerry Artist in Residence and grower Lisa Fingleton, Emily Thompson, Artist and winner of the Sustainability award at last year’s K-FEST and Aidan O’Connor member of the Maharees Conservation Association. This event will prove to be a very informative, valuable and worthwhile discussion about how various methods of Sustainable practice can heavily influence the world around us.
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