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Tan Ann: Portraits of Wild Wisdom

Sunday June 4th 2023
Start Time: 15:00
Duration: 1 Hour Approx
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About Tan Ann: Portraits of Wild Wisdom
It is said in Ireland that ‘This world is only three feet from the otherworld and in thin places is even less’. It is these liminal, “thin” or ‘magic’ places that the Tan Ann series of 6 short films seeks to recreate through a blend of visual art, unique puppetry, original music and captivating location. Tan Ann is an old Gaelic expression for ‘Once Upon a Time’ and these films take us on a journey over the threshold to a supernatural world of magic and storytelling based on Irish folklore & mythology.

Mór Muman (The Queen of Munster)
A shape shifting wise woman, the Queen of Munster dances in both the natural and supernatural worlds. Stirred by the full moon she calls on the voices and sounds of this world and the Otherworld to express the wildness in her heart.

Bobaire (A Wild Fellow)
The Leprechaun….small in stature, supernaturally gifted and living in the wilds of Ireland. This natty dresser is also a hoarder of gold and will go to all lengths to evade capture. Fond of playing tricks this fellow is always one step ahead!

Rún (Journey’s End)
The Sí Gaoithe or Wind Fairy has only ever been seen by day, travelling on, never staying in one place. Here we travel with her as her true nature is revealed at night.

Sonas (A Dance by Chance)
A fine sunny day on a stone wall in Tipperary becomes a stage for an optimistic, playful and talented stoat as he slips with ease into the Otherworld for an unlikely spot of dancing.

Púca (King of the Mountain)
The throne of the King is under constant threat in the Comeragh Mountains of County Waterford as the Pooka strives to hold his position in the face of crafty interlopers.

Fonn Lir (A sense of sea)
It takes just a moment to slip into the Otherworld as a day at the seaside delivers an unexpected encounter.
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