Unusual Instrument Workshop with Vairis Burcaks

Saturday June 1st 2024
Start Time: 13:00
Duration: 1hour 45min Approx
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About Unusual Instrument Workshop with Vairis Burcaks
“Music Generation Kerry are delighted to present a “”Drop-In”” Unusual Instrument Workshop for KFest 2024 which allows people to try out a wide range of world and electronic instruments, including: Chime bars, Melodicas, Tongue Drums, Japanese keyed harp, Percussion instrument, Kalimba plugged into sound system, Theremini, Chirping birds, Talking Drums, Large Rainmakers, Gongs. The workshop will be guided by the virtuosic Vairis Burcaks who can perform on these diverse instruments creating soundscapes on the fly that the children can engage with on an instrument of their choice. We look forward to introducing you to the stunning collection of instruments which you and your child are welcome to perform on! “
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