Thursday October 21st 2021

The biggest impact of the latest Government restrictions and guidelines is on our live music indoors. You will need a Covid Vaccination Certificate or recent negative PCR test to attend any of the events in the SOL Y SOMBRA and BARN venues. We will be checking everyone coming in the door. Please DO NOT attempt to gain entry WITHOUT one of these CERTIFICATES and also bring ID and a maskIf you don’t have the right documents there are two other outdoor venues with music you can attend.

The gigs affected by the Covid Certificate requirement are:
Saturday @ The BarN: Turnstiles, The Love Buzz, TOUTS.
Saturday @ Sol y Sombra: ROE, Pastiche
Sunday @ The BarN: The Wha, Skinner, Happyalone.
Sunday @Sol y Sombra: Malaki, Alex Gough

Again, please DO NOT attempt to gain entry WITHOUT one of these CERTIFICATES and very important to bring an ID.

Other pub & café indoor events earlier in the evening, such as poetry and Rambling House, will be run through the publican’s certificate checks.

All other indoor events such as family, talks and cinema do not require covid certificate checks but do require socially distanced pods of people.

Every event has the COVID requirements on the event page, please check the events listing for individual events.