Meet the artist – Aloyna Aloyna

Saturday May 21st 2022

Ukrainian hip-hop star and songwriter Alyona Alyona is next in our ”Meet the Artist” series, who we have booked to play in Killorglin in the full knowledge that she won’t be able to do so but the fee will still be forwarded to her.

Considered the top new rap star of Ukraine, in an article titled ‘15 European pop acts who matter right now’ the New York Times likened Alyona Alyona to gifted American rapper Azealia Banks.

Festival Chairman Tim Clifford said K-FEST would reach out to help Ukrainian artists by booking and paying the star but not expecting her to honour the gig. In his words: “We would encourage other festivals all over Europe who are in the business of booking artists to do likewise and support Ukrainian artists,”.

K-FEST has also engaged with the Kerry Ukrainian community for this year’s festival. Musicians and artists from that country, who were among those to flee to Ireland to avoid the conflict, are invited to perform and fully participate alongside local visual and performing artists.

Follow Alyona Alyona here – @alyona.alyona.official