Quiz Night Success: Setting the Stage for K-FEST 2024

Sunday February 25th 2024

In the heart of Killorglin, a town already bursting with cultural vibrancy and community spirit, an evening unfolded that would be etched in the memories of its attendees for years to come. The occasion? A Quiz Night designed to bolster support for the much-anticipated K-FEST, an arts festival that celebrates creativity in its myriad forms. This wasn’t just any quiz night; it was a demonstration of community, camaraderie, and collective support for the arts.

A Heartfelt Thanks

First and foremost, a thunderous round of applause and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who stepped out to join us. The energy was electric, the enthusiasm infectious. It’s moments like these that remind us of the strength and unity within our community. Such an event could not have thrived without the meticulous planning and dedication of our fantastic committee members. Their passion and hard work behind the scenes set the stage for an unforgettable night.

The Venue

Special thanks to Cliodhna and the entire team at 10 Bridge Street. Their hospitality and service added an extra layer of warmth to the evening, making everyone feel right at home in their delightful venue. It’s places like these that become the heartbeat of our community events, providing not just a space, but an experience.

Celebrating the Victors

Congratulations are in order for our quiz night winners! Your knowledge, wit, and quick thinking were truly impressive. It’s participants like you who add a competitive edge and excitement to the night, making the victory even sweeter.

Quiz 2024 winners 1080
Quiz Night Success: Setting the Stage for K-FEST 2024 8

A Raffle Like No Other

The night was not just about quizzing; it was also about giving. Over €500 worth of prizes found their way into the hands of our lucky raffle winners, thanks to the generosity of our local donors.

A massive shout-out to:

Quiz 2024 - quizmaster

Your contributions were not just generous, they were instrumental in the success of our raffle and, by extension, the evening as a whole.

A Community United for the Arts

The funds raised are a crucial step towards ensuring K-FEST continues to be a beacon of creativity and cultural expression in Killorglin.

A massive, heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out, participated, and contributed to the recent fundraising efforts. Your enthusiasm, support, and commitment to the arts and our community are the lifeblood of K-FEST. It’s your participation that transforms this festival from an event into a movement, celebrating creativity and community spirit in Killorglin.

This June Bank Holiday, we invite you once again to join us in the streets, galleries, and unexpected corners of Killorglin for a festival that transcends the ordinary.


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